Common Materials Containing Asbestos

Asbestos has properties which made it suitable for use as insulation and as part of binding materials in buildings. Asbestos has been used in such parts of the home as floor tiles, ceiling panels, acoustical celings, exterior stuccos, etc. All in all there have beeen over 3600 products manufactured that contain asbestos. It would be impossible to list all of these products here. The only sure way to find out if the material you are concerned with contains asbestos is to test it. Refer to the following diagram and the table below for the most common products that may contain asbestos.

Building Materials Which May Contain Asbestos

% of Asbestos
Dates of Use
Walls and Ceilings
Sprayed coating <1 - 95 1935-1978 Portland cement, sodium silicates, organic binders Friable
Troweled coating <1-95 1936-1978 Portland cement, sodium silicate Friable
Asbestos-cement sheet 10-50 1930-present Portland cement NonFriable
Spackle <1-5 1930-1978 Starch, casein, synthetic resins Friable
Joint compounds <1-5 1945-1977 Asphalt Friable
Textured paints <1-15 ?-1978   Friable
Millboard, rollboard 80-85 1925-? Starch, lime, clay Friable
Vinyl wallpaper 6-8 ?   NonFriable
Insulation board 30 ? Silicates Friable
Vinyl-asbestos tile 1-20 1950-1980 Poly(vinyl) chloride NonFriable
Asphalt-asbestos tile 15-20 1920-1980 Asphalt NonFriable
Resilient sheet flooring 15 1950-1980? Dry oils NonFriable
Mastic adhesives 2-20 1945-1980? Asphalt Friable
Roofing and Siding
Roofing felts 5-40 1910-present Asphalt NonFriable
Roof felt shingles 1-10 1971-1974 Asphalt Friable
Roofing shingles 10-25 ?-present Portland cement NonFriable
Roofing tiles 10-25 1930-present Portland cement NonFriable
Siding shingles 10-20 ?-present Portland cement NonFriable
Clapboards 10-20 1944-1945 Portland cement NonFriable
Pipers and Boilers
Cement pipe and fittings 10-25 1935-present Portland cement NonFriable
Block insulation 5-40 1890-1978 Magnesium carbonate, calcium silicate Friable
Preformed pipe wrap 30-90 1926-1975 Magnesium carbonate, calcium silicate Friable
Corrugated asbestos paper


Sodium silicate, starch Friable
Paper tape 30-90 1901-1980? Polymers, starches, silicates Friable
Putty (muddling) 20-100 1900-1973 Clay Friable